Frequently Asked Questions

1Where are you located?
Hey, that’s a great place to start! A-1 is centrally located in Phoenix, AZ just a few miles west of downtown proper. We are in close proximity to the I-10, SR-51, and Loop 202. Although we are located near Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, we are not on-site at the Car Rental Center which accommodates all major airport rental car companies.
2Can you pick me and my group up from the airport?
Being off-site from the airport means we do not have to charge higher base rates and taxes, but the downside is that there is no free transportation to our office. Groups arriving at Sky Harbor International Airport will typically have the main renter take a cab or rideshare to our office while the rest of the group picks up luggage. This usually runs between $10-16 and costs a lot less than the extra taxes we would be required to collect if we were at the airport! Upon return of the van, we can drop just yourself and your other drivers (if you rent multiple vans) at the airport, provided you drop the rest of your group off first. The one exception we are allowed to make for picking folks up is with our wheelchair accessible vans, so if you are flying into the Phoenix airport and renting an accessible van from us, please let us know when making your reservation so we can make the proper arrangements.
3What payments do you accept? Can I use a debit card to rent a van? What about a prepaid card?
A-1 accepts all major credit cards for the deposit and rental fees. We allow rentals using debit cards with an increased security deposit. You may pay cash for any rental fees, but the security deposit must be on a credit card or debit card in the renter’s name. Because prepaid cards are typically issued without a name on them, we cannot accept a prepaid card for the security deposit or payment of rental fees. We do not accept personal checks. You can find out specifics about our deposit requirements by checking out our Rental Policies page.
4Will you take a seat out?
Certainly! We do recommend our 12 passenger Transit for groups of 12 or less needing luggage space, since they afford more room than a 15 Passenger Chevy with a back seat out (due to the seat height of the Transits). If the 12 passenger Transit isn’t ideal for your group, we can take seats out of our Chevy vans starting from the rear seat and moving toward the front of the van. We can remove seats from specific Transit vans with advance approval, but the design of the Transits allows for much less freedom as far as which seats are removable. Feel free to ask for a recommendation from one of our employees when placing your reservation, as each of us have a ton of experience with various group sizes and configurations. **Advance notice is appreciated to both save you time and to save our employees’ spines!
5What is your mileage policy?
A-1 includes 200 miles per each day of rental. For example, a seven day rental will include 1,400 miles free. Additional miles are charged at 25 cents per mile. We do not offer unlimited mileage.
6Can I drive the van out of state?
We allow our vehicles to travel anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We also allow travel into Mexico, provided we know ahead of time and you purchase Mexico insurance through A-1.
7Do you allow your vans to travel to Mexico?
We do indeed! A-1 provides all of the necessary paperwork to make your trip to Mexico simple. The paperwork includes a full-coverage Mexico insurance policy and permission letter to take our vehicle into Mexico, as well as copies of the title and registration for the van and/or trailer you rented. Since the paperwork takes a bit of time to process, we ask that you let us know your plans to travel to Mexico when setting up your reservation.
8How much advance notice is required to cancel a reservation?
Earlier this year, we suspended all cancellation fees and implemented our new Risk-Free Reservation policy. This policy will continue until further notice. If you need to cancel your reservation, just give us a call at (800) 899-4320 or send an email to with your name or confirmation number. We will follow up with a cancellation notice via email-- if you do not receive the notice, please let us know and we will be sure to send you one!
9Will you deliver and/or pick up the van I rented from you?
Although our employee base numbers just about a dozen folks total, we can typically arrange to deliver or pick up your van-- provided we have enough advance notice to schedule accordingly. Please be aware that we charge a fee for any delivery or pick up depending on how far from our office we travel.
10Can I drop the van off in another city? Do you allow one-way rentals?
Our only location is here in Phoenix, AZ, but we’ve done plenty of one-way rentals throughout the Southwestern U.S.-- even once as far as Calgary, Canada! Since extra travel arrangements need to be made we require at minimum one month advance notice for any one-way delivery or pick up. Our delivery fees are all-inclusive to cover all costs: driver pay, fuel, airfare, and hotels when necessary.
11What is your breakdown policy?
Not to worry! You can reach us 24/7 by calling our office directly, or outside of business hours via our after-hours emergency phone number found at the end of our office’s after hours voicemail. We deal with breakdowns situationally, but partner with a nationwide network of more than 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care centers for remote repairs. Rest assured that if you have any issues with our vehicles we will work hard and with a strong sense of urgency to get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the breakdown leaves you without transportation for an extended period of time, we will either bring you a trade-out vehicle or find one for you in your locale. All of our vehicles are equipped with a full-size spare tire and all the necessary equipment to change a tire. If you pick up a nail and get a flat tire while on the road, we recommend getting the spare tire on (provided you can safely do so) that way you can continue on as quickly as possible. Please let us know as soon as possible, as our partnership with Firestone means scheduling to get the tire changed is simple and will not leave you without a spare tire for the remainder of your trip.
12What condition are your vans in?
Our fleet currently ranges from 2013-2019 model vehicles. Considering the size of a 12 or 15 passenger van, it is not uncommon for our vehicles to have minor cosmetic damage such as small dents or scratches. The mileage on our vans varies, but you can trust that every one of our vehicles are serviced and inspected frequently by our ASE-certified mechanics. Because we keep our vehicles for a few years, our mantra is to highly maintain them so our customers can travel in safety and comfort. All of our vans are rented fully cleaned, sanitized, and in excellent running condition.
13Do you allow customers to park their vehicles there while they rent their van?
We do have customer parking at our location free-of-charge. If you need to leave your personal vehicle, please let us know when you pick up your van and we will direct you where to park. Please note that due to limited space, it is sometimes necessary for customers to leave their keys with us.
14Can I drop the van off after you close?
Since we need to do a final damage inspection upon return, we require vehicles be returned to us during normal operating hours. If you have a flight departing outside of our normal hours, special arrangements can be made to accommodate this need.
15What is your pet policy?
We do allow pets in our vehicles, but please be aware that the van must be free of pet hair to avoid cleaning fees upon return.
16Is there a prepaid fuel option?
We do not offer a prepaid fuel option. We rent the vast majority of our vans with a full tank and at the very least with ¾ of a tank. We ask that whatever fuel level our van leaves our office at, you return it the same.
17Can I use my own vehicle to tow one of your trailers?
As long as your vehicle is equipped with a Class III receiver hitch with a 2” ball mount and has a working light connection, then you are good to go! Our trailers use the “flat four” type of light connector, but we have adapters available to lend you if needed.
18Can I tow my personal trailer behind a van I rent from you?
We allow towing of single-axle trailers only with a maximum size of 6’ x 10’ behind our vans. Towing of a car dolly is not allowed. The majority of our full-size vans are equipped with a tow hitch. Our minivans are unable to tow. If you plan on towing a personal trailer, please let us know in advance so we can be sure you are scheduled on a tow-capable van. Due to the extra wear that trailer towing puts on our vehicle’s transmission, brakes, and engine, there is an additional charge of $10 per day to tow your own trailer.
19Do your vans have Bluetooth?
Only our 7 passenger Kia Sedona minivans come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.
20I rented one of your Transit vans… How do I put fuel in this thing?
Transits incorporate Ford’s “capless” gas tank, and have a small fuel door you can access with the driver’s door open. Be sure to close that fuel door when you’re done, because leaving it open while you’re driving is a sure way to damage it!
21Are any of your vans four-wheel drive?
As cool as the thought of a 15 passenger van romping through the back-country is, none of our vans are equipped with four-wheel drive.
22Do you provide snow chains?
We’re based in Phoenix, so we honestly don’t understand what this question means. In all seriousness, A-1 does not offer any snow chains for our vehicles. We can, however, provide you with the tire size for the vehicle you’re renting so you can purchase your own set, but the renter assumes all responsibility for their proper installation and any damage that may occur to the van as a result of use.
23Are there any specific license requirements for driving one of your vans?
In Arizona, just a standard driver’s license with no specific endorsement is sufficient to drive up to a 15 passenger van. When traveling to different states, we do recommend researching to make sure of any specific laws or regulations regarding full-size vans.

  • Adjust your seat and mirrors before leaving our parking lot. Making sure any potential blind-spots are as visible as possible is paramount with a vehicle this large.
  • If possible, have a co-pilot. Having an extra pair of eyes when changing lanes can really help.
  • Always drive the speed limit.
  • Be extra cautious when making tight turns and swing your turns wide whenever possible.
  • When driving downhill through hilly or mountainous terrain, use the vehicle’s “Tow/Haul” mode to help prevent excessive braking. We’ve included a nifty sticker near the rear-view mirror of each van to explain this. Our employees can go over the process with you as well.
  • We recommend some experience with towing if you plan on using a trailer behind a full-size van. Regardless of your level of experience, you should take extra care while hauling a trailer.
  • While it is very important to remember that 12 and 15 passenger vans are a lot larger than a standard vehicle, they handle pretty much like a truck or an SUV while on the road. Hopefully these tips help ease your mind and make your trip go smoothly!
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